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Hybrid turf PowerGrass® is the best solution to meet the market demand for a natural grass playing surface which is resistant, durable, easy to install and maintain at a competitive price.

PowerGrass® is natural grass reinforced that combines "Quality and Savings" to play better!... safer!... "always"!


The comfort of natural grass and the stability of the playing surface are the most important prerogatives.

Resistant up to 6 hours of play per day is estimated to last over 20 years with regular maintenance.

PowerGrass generates savings to the community, investors and groundsmen.

All technicians are convinced and confirmed enthusiastic: "only PowerGrass, promotes healthy growth of natural grass inside a specially designed synthetic turf, with many mutual benefits."

Hybrid turf systems are not new. Existing systems aim to reduce soil compaction and/or facilitate the anchoring of the roots but, regardless of the efficiency of some of them, today we can state that old hybrid turf systems have one thing in common: no one generates savings in the medium to long period.

The PowerGrass is an innovative hybrid turf of mixed natural and synthetic grass characterized in that is the only one playable immediately after installation, with or without the natural grass, because the synthetic fibers are well fixed to an open artificial backing (horizontal support). The natural grass grows in 8 weeks in the artificial turf because is shaded by the fibers and the geotextile present in the backing provides water for growth. The crown of the plant is protected from artificial fibers resilient protruding 20-30 mm on the surface while the roots are anchored to the backing, penetrating the open support of artificial grass from the first period of growth, thus offering a playing surface stable, 100% natural.

PowerGrass is an hybrid turf "always" playable, a better alternative than any synthetic grass field. Does not fear the climatic conditions and extreme game! It offers a playable field up to 1400 hours per year with high quality standards of easy and simple maintenance. The synthetic turf is covered with natural grass, is then protected from UV rays of the sun and for this reason it is estimated a duration of about 20 years. In this way PowerGrass generates savings to the investor and the groundsman that can now offer, for the first time in history, a natural grass professional field that is affordable to EVERYONE!


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20/10/2017 13:14:34


PowerGrass hybrid turf is the result of the cooperation of two specialized companies: one in synthetic turf and the other in natural grass.



05/09/2017 11:08:59


"The grass is reinforced with artificial grass" to... Play better!... Play safer! ... Play "always"!

PowerGrass® is natural grass reinforced with artificial turf, an innovative project for sport fields constructions, environmental friendly, practising the Green Economy concept.

PowerGrass® combines quality and savings, it's a revolutionary project that will soon change the way sports fields will be realized.


11/03/2017 15:48:15

Skydda Konstgräs

Talking about symbiosis ...there must be mutual benefits.

While synthetic turf protect grass crowns and grass roots are well anchored on its backing, it seems incredible but, but natural grass protects synthetic turf and eliminates many field defects of enterily synthetic turf systems, especially those with 100% organic infill.

It's known that synthetic fibres exposed to sun, in 8,000 hours, they lose 50% of their resistance (half-life cycle of a product). That is to say that the synthetic surface, approximately in 3.5-4.5 years for northern Italy, undergoes an irreversible aging by the mere fact of being exposed to the sun, without regard to the playing damages.


San Benedetto del Tronto - stadio Riviera delle Palme

L'erba spuntata a 7 giorni dalla semina

Riqualificazione della superficie di gioco in erba ibrida tipo POWERgrass!

San Benedetto del Tronto (Italy)

erba, ibrida, hybrid, grass, San Benedetto, Tronto, campo, calcio, prato,

Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Stadium, Riyad

Ready to play on November 2nd, 2019

Requalification of the pitch by replacing the existing hybrid grass in the innovative POWERgrass system

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

Stadion SRC Zapresic

Requalification of the stadium in hybrid grass POWERgrass with heating system

Zaprešić (Croatia)


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